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Why Delayering Techniques Could Revolutionize Failure Analysis

Failure analysis aids in solving product problems because it gets to the root of them in a thorough and quantitative manner. It motivates consecutive design improvements because it aims to shed light on where any mistakes arise. Sometimes the best way to understand how to succeed is to learn all you can from your failures.
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Understanding Ion Beam Etching (Milling)

Ion Beam Etching (or Milling) is a dry plasma etch method which utilizes a remote broad beam ion/plasma source to remove substrate material by physical inert gas and/or chemical reactive gas means. Like other dry plasma etch techniques, the typical figures of merit apply, such as etch rate, anisotropy, selectivity, uniformity, aspect ratio, and substrate damage. However, ion beam etching advances additional dry etch merits, which include wide range of materials, precision etch stops, indiffere...
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