Diamond Like Carbon


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The Intlvac DLC PECVD system is a turnkey Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) coating machine. Our DLC machine employs plasma activated, low temperature chemical vapor deposition technology. A common configuration of the Intlvac DLC PECVD product produces wear and abrasion resistant DLC coatings to protect optical substrates exposed to harsh environments, while improving transmissive performance.

The unique design and processes of the DLC allow for numerous consecutive coating runs before any maintenance is required to maximize your throughput. In addition, the DLC system comes complete with recipes for Infrared Anti-reflection coating of silicon and germanium optics.

Key Benefits

chalcogenide lens

  • pinhole free
  • hydrophobic
  • scratch resistant
  • MIL-spec compliant
  • uniform over large areas
Excellent Uniformity

The Intlvac DLC PECVD system can product DLC thicknesses up to several microns on a variety of substrate materials. The substreat materials include Si, Ge, II-VI compounds, optical glasses, chalcogenides, sapphire, metals and plastics. 6 inch DLC sample

DLC in Action

Due to the DLC system ability to control and isolate the plasma volume, coating temperature sensitive substrates is possible. 

Compact Footprint

The standard Intlvac DLC system platform is a compact footprint. While compact, the system incorporates novel methods to distribute process energy and gases to produce excellent uniformities and run to run repeatability. 

For more information about creating a custom solution for your application, contact sales@intlvac.com or 1.800.959.5517