Intlvac Systems

  • NanochromeTM

    The NanochromeTM suite of systems are highly configurable and can be outfitted with a mix of Magnetron Sputtering and Thermal and Electron Beam Evaporation. They are typically used for Precision Optics, Electronics and MEMS / NEMS applications.

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  • Nanoquest

    The Nanoquest is built around a direct water cooled rotating substrate. It is typically used for Ion Beam Sputtering and Etching which makes it ideal for MEMS / NEMS and Precision Optics applications.

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  • Diamond Like Carbon

    Intlvac's DLC is a fully automated PECVD platform for DLC, Infrared Anti-reflective coating and other PECVD applications where chemical and wear resistance are required.

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  • PleiadesTM Cluster System

    The PleiadesTM is a cluster system designed to combine multiple Nanoquest and NanochromeTM chambers. It offers a large range of applications and the possibility to combine different deposition technologies within separate chambers.

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  • Fiber Metalization

    The MIDAS TM Metalization System is designed to produce a single or multi-layer symmetrical metal coating on ends, mid spans, or windows of optical fibers for use in a hermetically sealed opto-electric package.

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  • Thermal Vacuum

    Intlvac’s Thermal Vacuum System is a versatile space simulation system, with a large vacuum chamber designed to provide an extensive environmental test complex to simulate outer space and varying thermal conditions.

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