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The Nanoquest I ion beam etching system is an ideal platform for etching single wafer substrates up to 4" (can be expanded up to 5" for a special configuration and performance). Configured with a high cooling flow substrate stage, the system can etch through a photo resist or other masks to produce patterned substrates on any material.

The system is housed in a compact one-piece frame with integral electronics rack to minimize lab or clean room space. High vacuum design principles ensure quick cycle times and low ultimate pressure performance. UHP Gas distribution ensures stable ion source operation.

The chamber is a 20” diameter UHV designed assembly.  The substrate stage is mounted on the door and it presents the substrate to the ion source at various angles and rotational speeds. The motorized variable angle stage has rotation and temperature control.

The Nanoquest I system has a stainless steel frame with integral instrument rack, which houses a touch screen LabView interface to the PLC controller. Completely automated; pump down, gas flow control, and ion source operation, provides repeatable and reliable etching for your substrates.

This system can be configured for ion beam sputtering or ebeam evaporation or both. The Nanoquest I is suitable for Glancing Angle Deposition (GLAD) for manufacturing of effective medium materials. Talk to Intlvac about purchasing a dedicated system or upgrading to a GLAD stage.

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glancing angle deposition

photo courtesy: MCN Helios NanoLab

glancing angle deposition