Pleiades Cluster System


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The PleiadesTM (Seven Sisters) Cluster System will accommodate your most demanding process requirements.  With capabilities of up to 7 chambers, the PleiadesTM allows flexibility and mixing of techniques from evaporation, electron beam, magnetron sputtering, ion beam sputtering and ion beam etching.

This system allows you to maintain UHV conditions for transfer of your substrates to perform a wide range of thin film processes.

PleiadesTM can easily cool full wafers to -90C, while others may be held at temperatures up to 1000C using our new "Helios" substrate heater.


System Capabilities

  • State-of-the-art cluster system capable of producing and etching thin films of II-VI materials on up to 100mm wafers

  • Central radial distribution chamber provides access to all satellite systems with telescopic transfer arm

  • Load-lock chamber allows manual loading / unloading and storing of multiple sample carriers at one time

  • Can be tailored to address corrosive and toxic properties of materials that can be accommodated in the machine

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