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Fiber Metalization

Intlvac can metalize your optical fibers with Titanium/Platimum/Gold by producing a single or multi-layer symmetrical metal coating on ends, mid spans or windows for use in hermetically sealed opto-electronic packages. our experts can also create radially symmetrical material stacks on a cylindrical rod or tube components. Features and benefits include:

- Low temperature deposition avoids damage of plastic on fibers.
- Coating has good uniformity around the entire fiber for accurate fiber alignments.
- Excellent adhesion strength resulting from a pre-clean step prior to coating.
- Load-locked system allows for coating of jacketed and connected components.
- Planar magnetron sputtering system.

- Re-coating of fiber Bragg Gratings.
- Anti-Reflective and protected mirror coatings on polished ends.

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